The death of a 66-year-old Farmington man four years ago was classified as accidental at the time.  Police say it appeared Evans Whilby had fallen down the stairs at his home on Dunne Wood Court.

Then,  last month, 38-year-old Michael Whilby of Palm Bay, Florida, told police in Melbourne Beach, Florida, he was responsible for his father’s death.

Michael Whilby had been the one to call police on January 16, 2008, telling them he found his father’s body after going to the home to at his mother’s request, when the older man failed to meet his mother on a business trip when he found his father’s body.  He had died of blunt trauma to the neck.

Police say last month, Michael Whilby told sheriff’s deputies  in Melbourne Beach, Florida , he actually pushed his father down the stairs.  He waived extradition,  and was returned to Connecticut for arraignment.  Bond was set at a million dollars.

The Florida authorities say Whilby had made threats to harm himself or harm someone else,  and when they were taking him to a psychiatric facility for evaluation,   told deputies about his father’s death.  They called Farmington police to check the facts of the case.

The 2008 homicide was the first in Farmington since 1998,  when the body of 26-year-old Agneiska Ziemlewski was found at the MDC Reservoir.  Police are still pursuing that case,  and ask for information from the public. For information about the Ziemlewski case,  click here for the Farmington Police website.


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