Members of the State Police Union have voted “no confidence”  in the “Commissioner of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection,”  Reuben Bradford,  and State Police Commander,  Colonel Danny Stebbins.

A statement on the vote issued by union president Andrew Matthews accuses Bradford and Stebbens of “running the agency in a manner that is detrimental to public safety and trooper safety.   He says the union will ask for replacement of the two,

Governor Malloy says the vote is a tactic by the union, and said both Bradford and Stebbins have his confidence.  He said reorganization currently underway in the department will put more troopers on the road and will save money.

Of 794 ballots counted by the union,   752 members voted “no conficence” in Bradford,  and 760 “no confidence in Stebbins.

Matthews charges that consolidation of the Western District dispatch operations has left some trooper radio calls unanswered and some 911 calls from the public unanswered.  He says costs have increased instead of dropping.


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