West Haven Police have charged a twenty-year-old mother with child abuse after the woman sent video showing her tormenting her ten-month-old baby  to the child’s father.

Police say the father brought them the videos, including one in which Kellie Park of Campbell Avenue puts the baby in a pack and portable crib,  and shakes it,   causing the baby to fall out.  Police say other scenes show her throwing food at the child,  and telling the screaming baby to “eat stuff off the floor;   this is what your dad wants to make me do.”

Police say she’s also accused of sending text messages to the baby’s father,  saying,  “I’ll break the baby’s face” and “I love abusing your kid” and daring him to call the police.

Police say they took custody of the baby and turned the child over to the Department of Children and Families.  Parks,  who had been hospitalized for evaluation after a suicide attempt, fled when she was released,  and was tracked down by police assigned to the U.S. Marshals.

Parks is charged with assault, risk of injury to a child,  cruelty and threatening.


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