A Jeep crashed into a house on Route 63 in Morris shortly after 6 o’clock this morning.

Resident Lori Bennett says part of her home looks like a tornado came through.

“The house is opened up in two rooms, because she came through at  a corner,” Bennett said. “It destroyed the living room and our bedroom.  It missed my husband who was still in bed by about a foot.”

“There is sheet rock, and the windows, and the furniture,” Bennett said, describing damaged parts of her house. “I have one of the huge springs from the bottom of her car in the living room on the floor.”

The driver of the Jeep, Bryanna Vroom, was ticketed for making a restricted turn.

State Police say she was at fault in the crash.  Her 2008 Jeep was also badly damaged.

Route 63 is straight near the house, which is near the intersection with Route 109.

There were no injuries.


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