SPRING FOOTBALL PRACTICE #10- Is in the books. It was a day of working on specific individual fundamentals and techniques and then situational work like red zone, blitz pickup and the “fringe”, a phrase I had never heard before. Coach Paul Pasqualoni explaining it’s the area inside the 40.The head coach was pleased with his teams work ethic saying they had “stacked” some good days of practice together.

Several Huskies continued to be sidelined, including Jessie Joseph who apparently got nicked up in Saturday’s scrimmage.Players who are “dinged” up wear yellow jerseys with either green crosses or red crosses to signify the severity of their injuries. They can do some drills but not all.Joseph’s injury (I think it was a green cross) allows some of the other defensive ends like Jonathan Louis, Tim Wellman and Kenton Adeyemi to get more work. Defensive coordinator Don Brown likes the way that the d-line depth is developing. Ryan Wirth has also missed the last two practices and backup defensive end Ted Jennings will miss all of spring ball.Underclassmen like Angelo Pruitt, B.J. McBryde and Julian Campenni are making strides in the middle of the defensive line where Kendall Reyes and Twyon Martin must be replaced.

Everyone wants to know what’s up at qb. Scott McCummings is still on the shelf so the other four are splitting the work. I have to admit, I haven’t seen all that many practices but today was the sharpest I have seen Casey Cochran look. Except for one pass that he drilled off a teammate’s helmet that resulted in an interception, the freshman from Masuk played well. Pasqualoni is in no rush to name a starter and joked that he may be the night of August 30th (opening night against UMass) before a starter is named. I am guessing it won’t go that long but….one never knows.

One other thing that I asked about was leadership,a.k.a captains. The head coach said he likes the way things are progressing in that department but again said it isn’t set in stone that captains will be named at the Blue-White game on the 21st.Blidi Wreh-Wilson is a returning captain from last year so expect him to repeat. Other names that could surface are Adam Masters, Nick Williams and Trevardo Williams. All the strong, silent types.

One time Huskies place kicker Rob Moons was on hand.Rob kicked for UConn in the late 80’s and is a buyer for Victoria’s Secret. As Rob said, tough work, somebody has to do it.

Finally, today’s practice was attended by five members of the media, myself and four of my print brethren, Des Conner from the Courant, Ed Daignault from the Republican-American, Chip Malafrante from the Register and Carmine Colangelo from the Daily Campus. That’s five more local media than were allowed to attend practice at Louisville. Why do you ask? Because Louisville coach Charlie Strong was miffed that the basketball team received more coverage earlier in the spring so he has shutout all the local media. You know, the basketball team that made it TO THE FINAL FOUR AND PLAYED KENTUCKY. Wow.

Ok,another update after Saturday’s next to last scrimmage. Don’t forget, we will broadcast the Blue White game beginning at 12:55 on April 21st.


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