The Hardest Game to win  ? – Most coaches will tell you this because it what stands in the way of a trip to the Final Four..40 minutes of potentially gut wrenching basketball that can make or break a season. Doesn’t matter if you’re to get there for a 13th time (UConn) or 1st (Kentucky)..The same rules seem to apply. And the big question ? Who plays the role of hero ?  Or in UConn’s case heroes ?  The Huskies have nothing short of terrific in the postseason. Defense especially as no team has yet to break 60 on them. It’s what will keep em’ in every game they play.

Now the matter of turnovers..The Wildcats lead the NCAA forcing those…921 to be exact. That’s 27 per game..But in the NCAA’s the Wildcats have gotten just 15 er contest. And they have had three fairly good tests from McNeese St, Green Bay and Gonzaga..Now the Big Dog awaits. With or without an All American, the Huskies have done it as a team all season long and finally bought into what the coaching staff has been saying to get them playing at a level expected of a UConn Women’s BB player.

They’ve been really good the last few games too on both ends too. It just seems that this group is peaking at the right time. And trust me, they are indeed paying attention in South Bend, College Park and Waco. My guess is anyone but UConn as an opponent.  This team is the little sister that won’t stop bothering you..Sometimes even come up an bite you. Geno Auriemma is of the belief if the Huskies get to Denver, it would be an improbable as the 1991 team that went to New Orleans in UConn’s 1st Final Four appearance…13 is a lucky number some would say..The Huskies hope it’s theirs tonight…

Keys, take care of the ball, make Kentucky pay for mistakes and THROW THE FIRST PUNCH as they did against Penn State. And anyone who thinks Samarie Walker isn’t jacked for this game would be foolish. No, she can’t win it herself for Kentucky, but she could be major player…But I’d think equally pumped would be the former teammates who have no desire to see the Wildcats succeed. The beauty of it all ? One game, winner goes to Denver, loser goes home and watches the games on TV. Could go either way…Hope you tune in ! Pregame at 6:30 with Kara from URI… 🙂


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