Several hundred Central Connecticut State University students gathered in the middle of campus Tuesday evening, to denounce threatening, anti-gay messages left on the dorm room door of two female students.

“Four of the notes my roommate and I have received during these crimes were written on pieces of paper no bigger than our palms,” said one of the students targeted by the notes.

The student spoke to the rally, but she was reluctant to have her name used in the media.

“The sound of paper being blown from under the door causes a slight panic in my chest, and my rest to be disturbed,” she said. “In some ways, this tiny object has become so strong, and has caused me to become so much smaller.”

The student says when she is in the cafeteria, she sometimes worries that the person who left the notes is there, and might follow her home.

Students wore blue T-shirts with the logo for Central’s sports teams.

Demonstrators called for tolerance of people of all sexual orientations, and for understanding between people with differences including race, religion, or gender.

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  1. Steve418r says:

    We should have the freedom to be who we are. We should not have the freedom to impose our values on others. Sexual preference should be viewed in that context.

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