WATERBURY, Conn. (AP) – Waterbury Mayor Neil O’Leary says the city will crack down on unlicensed barbers despite opposition from Latino groups.

O’Leary told the Republican-American of Waterbury that a new campaign to enforce state law is beginning this week. He says the city will be forcing shops that employ unlicensed barbers to fire them or face closure.

Records show 20 of Waterbury’s 125 barbershops and salons are not complying with a local ordinance requiring haircutters to have a state license. Sixteen of the 20 shops not in compliance are Latino-run businesses.

Local Latinos say the state licensing system has discriminated for years against barbers and hairdressers who don’t speak English, and the enforcement campaign could force business owners to fire people who depend on their jobs to support their families.
Information from: Republican-American, http://www.rep-am.com

    (Copyright 2012 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)

Comments (5)
  1. william111 says:

    Spanish hair cutters are the best. and should not need a state license .
    these kids learn their trade mostly while in jail. Just let them make money and
    support their families.

  2. BigRay says:

    Another example of how the State picks winners … for years anyone who wanted to cut hair could .. then all the shops got together and said “Hey, we don’t like competition … make anyone else who starts cutting hair get a license!”

    For a car, get a license, for a pilot, get a license, for a doctor, get a license … cutting hair is not a big deal, especially for mens cuts … licensing is just a way to keep out the competition.

  3. Jack Torse says:

    There’s a Place in Waterbury where the chick will blow you if you go in for a haircut… ask for the special all the way down above the ears

    1. David Silberman says:

      Hey Jack, I JUST MIGHT DO THAT!!!

  4. Jose Luis Jimenez says:

    I have been a student in A.I Prince Tech high school i took hair dressing and barbering/ cosmetology for four and really they do not show student to cut men hair is all about woman and chemical so barber really don’t need a license for the fact that we don’t use chemical .Also us Latino we are the best barbers when it comes down to cut hair

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