Following President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday night, Connecticut Congressman on Capitol Hill and other state political figures responded. Here are some of their thoughts:

Senator Joseph Lieberman:
“Now that we have heard the President’s State of the Union message, Congress should not let this year pass without taking serious action on the greatest threat to our nation’s economic recovery – the ever-growing deficit. For at least a few months, we should put partisanship aside and lay the groundwork for a serious reduction in the nation’s deficit, which is our best hope to help our economy and create jobs. I would also hope that we can pass legislation that has broad bi-partisan support such as the cyber-security bill. Although this is an election year, the people’s business cannot be neglected and that is why I believe it is essential to make progress on some of the critical issues facing our country.”

Governor Dannel Malloy:
“Tonight, the President unveiled an optimistic and ambitious agenda for our country. He called on Congress to end its partisan bickering and obstruction and pass meaningful legislation to bolster our recovery and accelerate economic growth. I couldn’t agree more.”

Congressman John Larson:
“I want to applaud President Obama’s vision and call for an American economy that offers sustained growth and opportunity for all Americans to succeed.”

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro:
“I applaud President Obama’s address tonight and his focus on the most important issues facing our country today: creating jobs and rebuilding our middle class to get our economy right. He understands the enormous challenges facing America’s middle class today, and as he says, this is a “make or break moment” with the basic tenets of the American dream at stake.”

Congressman Joe Courtney:
“Tonight, President Obama rightly kept Washington’s focus on our continued economic recovery. The blueprint he set forth addresses many of the concerns I am hearing in eastern Connecticut. I am pleased that he emphasized manufacturing jobs and ensuring that workers’ training and skills match the needs of businesses and sectors that are bringing our economy back.”

Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr.:
“Tonight, President Obama delivered a speech filled with excuses, but void of any real solutions to fix our ailing economy. The president chose to focus on blaming others for his failed policies instead of addressing the high unemployment, out of control spending, and record deficit that they have created.

“While Americans were looking for the leadership of a president, Barack Obama offered the empty rhetoric of a candidate.”

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  1. LJS says:

    Paying lip service to job creation. The only thing politicians do for the working poor is make speeches. Their priorities are made obvious by their policies and this administration couldn’t possibly be less interested in job creation- and why should they? Full employment means low reliance on safety net programs which left leaning campaign rhetoric characterizes conservatism as wanting to heartlessly gut. Never let a perfectly good crisis go to waste… that has been said by more than one person associated with this administration.

    I think that is a definite tell here- keep the sheep needing handouts and paint the opponent as a scrooge so votes are cast out of a sense of short term desperation instead of sorely needed long term change of direction. Safety net programs can be cut after the need for them is alleviated. These people are not stupid but they sure expect us to be.

    Actions speak louder than words.

  2. newenglandsnob says:


  3. LJS says:

    Spend half of the money on roads and bridges and the other half on the debt that’s not being spent on a war? We were BORROWING money to fight the war in the first place so how can we borrow money to pay down the debt? Insanity. I can see why they aren’t particularly interested in the educational system teaching thinking skills because they certainly don’t want the people to see through the BS.

  4. Libdumb says:

    More political rhetoric. As a leader he didn’t say how HE was going to bring the parties together. Just a blame game to point the finger at the opposition. Another class warfare divisive speech. Nothing about illegals and welfare spending. Nothing about the details of job creation. All BS!

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