HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s top legal adviser says more than one state employee has been fired following a state investigation into whether they fraudulently received special federal food stamps after Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast.

Andrew McDonald, the counsel to the governor’s office, confirmed to The Associated Press on Wednesday that more than one worker has lost their job over the matter. He would not elaborate.

Malloy’s administration launched an investigation Dec. 4 into whether some of the 800 state employees who received the special benefit may have lied on federal disaster assistance applications. The aid ranged from $200 to $1,200.

As of late December, at least 44 state employees suspected of fraud were referred for review. Twenty-nine others have been cleared of wrongdoing.

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  1. steve says:

    Don’t worry state employees the state arbitratpr will give you your cushy state job back with back pay. Happened in Bridgeport to a dirty cop who cover up an accident for her boyfriend. You see stupid taxpayers of CT the clown politicians can fire all the state employees that they want but the game is the corrupt arbitration board stacked with union lackeys ALWAYS gives the lazy union boys and gals their jobs back with back pay

  2. Jack MeeHoff says:

    now the “one” who got caught will really have to collect food stamps.
    what about criminal charges ???

  3. Samantha Blazes says:

    Who do you think pays for welfare? It’s not Dan Malloy…it’s the State Employees and the working class…many who are the WORKING POOR… who work, pay taxes but never “qualify” for anything.. So yes guess who will be standing in line next to y’all collecting YOUR bennies?So before folks start downing ALL State Employees please think about the large contributions that these people make to support MANY charities…taken straight from their earnings voluntarily as well as the taxes they pay. Who do you think supports that mother of three whose deadbeat husband left her penniless or that child that needs chemotherapy or that local soup kitchen….keep downing the State Employees who are major contributors. Or maybe we should be cheering on the drug dealers, the illegal immigrants , those folks that can work but don’t…yeah! At least State Employees contribute. If there is any wrongdoing they will be tried in a court of law. But without all the facts people are still innocent until proven guilty. As in any population there are good as well as bad.

  4. Samantha Blazes says:

    What I find hard to believe is that I have been working since I was 16 years old and when I am retirement age…if I don’t die before then…there might not even be Social Security benefits that I have contributed ALL my life. YET we can support deadbeats and drug dealers…and as I said before there IS good and bad in any population but let’s face it folks…a lot of people have learned to bilk the system..sometimes it is generational…the skill passed down through families from one generation to another…and believe me it’s a fact. People in their 20’s and 30’s collecting because they don’t want to work in McDonalds? they get headaches, they’re overweight..blah blah blah…they don’t feel like working. We know it happens…yet that seems to be ok with everyone.. There were times in my life that I probably would have qualified for benefits however instead I got a second job….because that is what people do…they fend for themselves. They were never glamorous jobs by any means but having a job is worthy of respect. The same thing with lawsuits…We have become a litigaous society….everyone seems to be sue happy looking to get something for nothing. As a society we are so technologically advanced yet so spiritually depraved. An eye for an eye, let’s see who or what we can take advantage of, get what you can and it’s the “all about me” mentality…priest molests kids and all of it is ok.
    Why are we so lacking? lacking in money, lacking in love and lacking in spirituality? integrity? ethics? have we become a society of sociopaths? what happened to us? are we DE evolving? I see the fingers pointing to everyone…it is everyone else’s fault…does anybody take responsibility for their own actions anymore? Why are people so excited to see other people’s misery? Cheering on people losing jobs? I don’t get it. If you worked in McDonalds and and had criminal charges brought against you…you would still be allowed to keep your job. If you broke the law working for Aetna wouldn’t you still have a job? So why would that be any different for State Employees? I don’t understand the whole thing UNLESS it was a ploy to eliminate State Employees. But remember folks there is a trickle down effect and for every lost job there is one less person contributing to taxes for welfare, one less person donating to charity, one less person going to health care professionals, one less person using your service or one less person patronizing your business…and what happens next..one more person out of work…,before you know it there is no welfare money, no patrons to businesses and you have a total collapse of an economic system that is yes flawed but cannot be challenged by such a rush of layoffs. That is economic suicide and the state collapses and everyone is starving. So we really need to think…are ALL these State Employees crooks or is this a ploy to throw this State into economic disaster or does Malloy have his own agenda. The DSNAP program was mismanaged right from the start..not by the DSS workers giving it out but the administration that allowed this whole nonsense to occur. If pay stubs, bank statements etc were submitted prior to handing out these cards nobody would have been accused of fraud because the worker would have known who was qualified and who wasn’t. The programs was a joke and Malloy knows it. He is trying to place blame…again and indication of the collapse of integrity. Give me a break people. The little bar code on your license when scanned by the police tells all and DDS didn’t even ask for a pay stub.

  5. Lazybum says:

    Why are the fired employee’s names in the article? Apparently they are STILL above the common citizen. Whenever we the sheeple are arrested, names and charges are clearly listed in all articles.

  6. Lazybum says:

    *NOT in article*

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