An attorney representing state workers suspected of improperly taking emergency food aid after Tropical Storm Irene says he’s suing the state,  charging the Department of Social Services is trying to prevent employees from talking to him.  Lawyer Richard Rochlin cites a memo, which he says was sent by DSS attorney Brenda Parella to agency employees.

The attorney general’s office says it’s yet to receive a copy of the lawsuit, and can’t comment on it.

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  1. Karen L says:

    We all know that many in this State want something for nothing. EVERYONE, State & non State employees should give every penny back. Few deserved this money. I have never had $700 + worth of food in my fridge or freezer. I also noticed watching these people on TV waiting in line for their ‘free’ money, none of them looked like they hadn’t eaten in a week. This State is a disgrace. It’s one of the biggest ‘give away ‘ States in the country. Don’t want to work? Not to worry. Come to Connecticut & we’ll give you money for anything you want. Of course we have to make the people that work, pay extra so we can feed all the low lives. Very sad.

  2. steve says:

    Still waiting for the firings DANNY BOY. Remember DANNY BOY was going to lay off thousands when the unions voted against him and then what did he do HE GOT IN BED WITH THE UNION LEADERS TO CHANGE THE VOTING RULES AND NO UNION BOYS AND GALS WERE LAID OFF. Yes leadership from DANNY BOY

    1. Karen L says:

      I agree Steve. Unfortunately Danny Boy does NOT see any negative words about him. His cronies see to that. He thinks he is doing a fabulous job. What a joke!

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