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By SUSAN HAIGH,  Associated Press

SIMSBURY, Conn. (AP) _ Gov. Dannel P. Malloy says he plans to propose legislation that could lead to new performance standards that utilities must meet when responding to storms and emergencies.

Utilities could face fines if they do not meet the standards.

The governor presented his proposals Wednesday to improve disaster response following two storms that knocked out power for days to much of the state. He is also calling for a real-time statewide preparedness training exercise, to be held before September.

His package of proposed legislation and recommendations were unveiled at a news conference in Simsbury, where some residents were left without power for 12 days following a freak October snow storm. He said his administration is taking a “step-by-step approach” toward improving the state’s preparedness and emergency response systems.

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Comments (3)
  1. Warren says:

    I believe NU / CL&P could have done a better job managing the storm response. However, each town and even the state could have done better helping cut downed trees. Is it the responsibility of NU to cut the downed trees, I don’t believe so, yet they did. The governor himself is not without fault. It took him far too long to activate state resources.

  2. Libdumb says:

    The utilities did a great job. The municipalities did literary nothing. Yea fine a Utility and before you know it your rates go up. I swear our leaders are brainless.

  3. Karen L says:

    We were without power for 10 & 1/2 days. It was very annoying but we got through it. If Malloy were to be fined everytime he ‘messed up’, this State would be out of debt in a week. He will do ANYTHING to bring more money into his pockets. All he is doing is chasing people out of the State. Let him dig his own grave. I agree with both comments prior to mine.

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