Meriden police say a newborn baby is doing well after being dropped off at the Mid-State Medical Center emergency room about 4 a.m.

Police say the woman who left the 8-pound-12 ounce baby girl said she was not the mother,  but that the mother could not take care of the infant.  Doctors said the baby was two to four hours old.

Under Connecticut’s “Safe Haven” law the mother will not face charges. The law allows a parent unable to care for a child to leave the child at a hospital emergency room for the first thirty days after birth with no charge of child abandonment.

The law was prompted in part by the case of another baby in Meriden, the little boy authorities named “David Paul”  found frozen to death under a tree left outside in frigid conditions in 1988.  Each year Meriden police mark his death with a graveside service at Walnut Grove Cemetery.


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