At a student forum today, UConn officials discussed plans to increase tuition by 5 or 6 percent every year in coming years.

Officials discussed several possible tuition plans for fiscal year 2013 through fiscal year 2016.

UConn president Susan Herbst says the university needs to add faculty, to preserve its top twenty ranking.

I have had students crying in my office,” UConn president Susan Herbst said.  “We get so much e-mail on a daily basis from students who can not get the classes they need to graduate on time.”

UConn officials say increases in the price of room and board will be smaller, so the total cost of attending the university will grow more slowly.

Any changes in tuition would have to be approved by the university’s board of trustees before they could go into effect.

UConn’s chief financial officer says if the university chose a smaller 2.5 percent tuition increase, the school would just be treading water.  Richard Gray said with fewer resources, UConn would not be the kind of university it could be.

A slide show is available on UConn’s web site.

Comments (6)
  1. Frank says:

    seriously? more tuition increases? how about the 1.5 billion in tax increases the taxpayers were just saddled with? is this a state institution? why is UConn one of the most expensive state schools in the country? oh yea… pensions, benefits and overpaid employess…

  2. Original Husky says:

    Come on a 506% increase in an economy that has no inflation. This is insane.

  3. mayor says:

    fire over paid staff let me at the budget i cut 20% and it will still be a first class school…. nothing like bloated government waist

  4. no increase says:

    Live with in your means have ya been up to the campus lately its starting to look like the Tajmahal

  5. CAN GRAY says:

    FIRE RICHARD GRAY if he is unable to run a budget

  6. Libdumb says:

    When will the people of this Country stand up to these overpaid Bureaucrats?

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