BUCKFIELD, Maine (AP) – The Maine guys known for creating colorful geysers from Diet Coke and Mentos candies say they’ve set a distance record for a vehicle with soda-and-candy-powered propulsion.

Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz created a single-seat rocket car powered by 54 bottles of Coke Zero and 324 Mentos. They say the Mark II traveled 239 feet, improving upon last year’s 220 feet with only half the fuel. They posted video of a 209-foot attempt online.

Voltz said Thursday they incorporated a simple piston-and-cylinder mechanism to get the vehicle moving. He says it’s powerful enough that people shouldn’t try the experiment at home.

The Buckfield-based entertainers shot to fame five years ago when they wore lab coats and goggles during their online videos demonstrating elaborate geysers set to music.

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Comments (49)
  1. jacques poutine says:

    so this car has almost no fuel efficiency and runs off fuel more expensive then gasoline. and takes 54 bottles and 100 mentos to go less then 300 feet? I know coke zero is garbage but it must have better uses then this.

    1. jacques poutine says:

      300 mentos not 100 sorry

    2. danw says:

      Quite right sir except for the undeniable fact that coke zero is the best pop in this universe.

      1. jacques poutine says:

        I’m type 1 diabetic and beg to differ. the only drinkable diet pop is diet Dr. Pepper

    3. Spanky says:

      Maybe the researchers contribute to Obama’s reelection campaign, so they’ll get plenty of money to develop a product.

  2. my$.02 says:

    If you use the other kind of Coke, you won’t need any Mentos!

    1. Search Injun says:

      She don’t lie, she don’t lie, she don’t lie…

      [With apologies to Clapton]

      1. NooYawkah says:

        Actually, Clapton should apologize to us for that one.

      2. moondogg says:

        Wasn’t that a J.J. Cale song? I thoughtClapton did a cover of it.

  3. Mike Oxlong says:

    You forgot to mention the numerous other heinous crimes committed by the Thug-in-Chief. Recently, he decided he had the right to assassinate a U.S. citizen without a trial. All Nixon ever did was keep a puppy named Checkers…

  4. stang289 says:

    love it so true

  5. vaporonice66 says:

    Calling us racists only shows how ignorant you are

    1. Spanky says:

      Dems can’t run on their record or policies. All they have left is name-calling.

  6. Joe says:

    Beats the Chevy Volt

    1. Rick says:

      Chevy Volt LOL
      Mentos and coke are safer and cheaper in the long run!

    2. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Hey, hey, HEY! Don’t diss the almighty goobermint-built external-combustion $50K Homer Simpsonmobile!

      1. Rick says:

        Homer wouldn’t drive a volt dude… where is your respect?

  7. Joe Schmoe says:

    While I agree that this story has nothing to do with Obama, your playing of the race card is just as stupid. Is that all you’ve got in defense of your bumbling socialist hero in the White House?

    Oh oh. I said WHITE house. I guess that makes me a racist, ey?

  8. Halen Allison says:

    Isn’t it neat how we’ve turned a fun little project into political ranting and raving about Obama’s jobs program? The individuals who did this are, as the article states, entertainers.

  9. Gibbs Bentley says:

    Meanwhile back at Reality Ranch … 4 or more illegal wars rage on, the dollar is about to vanish as the world reserve currency, the real unemployment rate is over 22%, the price of goods is skyrocketing, the value of homes is dropping and as the 3rd year of the depression carries on … CBS gives us Junk Food-Powered Cars.


    1. Dave Johanssen says:

      Lighten up Gibbs. Most of us are doing fine, go back to OWS loser.

    2. Dave Johanssen says:

      Oh, BTW, ranting lunatic, none of the wars are illegal, the dollar is nowhere near vanishing as the world reserve currency, the price of good is going up but NOT skyrocketing, the value of homes has stabilized and we ARE NOT in a depression. So, you’re basically 1 for 5. Way to go genius.

  10. LT says:

    Give me a break! His being African/American has NOTHING to do with the above comments. The POTUS is killing the country. Period. I SO wanted Herman Cain to get the GOP nomination so these race card playing jokers would blow a fuse trying to come up with another defense tactic.

    1. LT says:

      Anyone doing what he is doing is STILL ruining our country. Period. I don’t care if they are black, red, yellow, or white Anglo-Saxon American…or female, these policies are killing the US. So you see, race or gender has nothing to do with it. Nice try though. Next straw grasping?

    2. Lincoln Robertson says:

      No no no, YOU are the one who needs to sleep better at night. That’s why you accuse others of racism, so you can feel like you are soooo altruistic. Sorry to use a word you need to look up in the dictionary. You’re going to have to do a little work on your own to understand the whole meaning of the comment.

    3. MMD says:

      Spoken like one of those true big-tent, all-inclusive, can’t we all just get along liberals

  11. dave 2009 says:

    Isn’t it neat how we’ve turned a fun little project ..

    Think again there mr. anthropologist. This country is promising more misery if we continue heading down the path we are on. People are loosing their jobs and everything they have worked for and saved.

    It’s hard not to find ways to vent frustration when your leaders are selling you out and laughing all the way to the bank and golf course.

    1. Halen Allison says:

      I’m not sure what anthropology has to do with this. Vent away; write a blog. The connection between this article and the direction our country is heading is nonexistent.

  12. dave 2009 says:

    All they have left is name-calling.

    Actually all they have left is their ability to steal the election.

  13. lectron777 says:

    After watching pop made on you tube I wouldn’t want to drink it – it’s got to be everything but good for you.

  14. jakartaman says:

    Why is it always a screaming liberal kook that feels the need to capitalize?
    I think it has to do with their known inferiority complex – which by the way is correctly earned!

  15. ConservativeProf says:

    Don’t give Government Motors any ideas!

  16. Lincoln Robertson says:

    President Clinton, Madeline Albright, Sandy Berger, John Kerry, and Clinton cabinet members and Dem members of congress thought Hussein had WMDs and they threatened military force on Iraq. So, the claim that Bush lied is the biggest lie over Iraq. I dare you to Google “Democrats comments Iraq WMDs”. SO, YOU ARE THE ONE TROLLING HERE!!!

  17. Lincoln Robertson says:

    my last comment is to the altruistic MikeG.

  18. RUFUS LEVIN says:


  19. RUFUS LEVIN says:


  20. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Hmmm…approximately 100 dollars worth of Coke and Mentos to travel 239 feet. If only electric “cars” were this efficient.

    1. LT says:

      I’m going to assume you were kidding about that. In case someone else doesn’t get the joke, using very liberal figures of $.20/kwh for electricity (closer to $.15 or less most places) and 300wh/mile (closer to 275 or less), a Volt costs $.06/mile on electricity.

  21. PUDDYFUDGE says:

    Isn’t their 15 minutes up yet? I’m just sayin…

  22. Levitra says:

    Awsome resource! How can I add it to vavorites?

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