Late Thanksgiving night, a fight broke out between video game shoppers at a Milford Walmart.   Police used a stun gun to end it.

Police Officer Jeffery Nielsen says an 11-year-old boy was knocked over in a group of shoppers who had gathered while video games were being put out for sale.

The boy’s father tried to come to his son’s assistance, but another shopper confronted the father.  A third shopper then confronted the man who had confronted the father, and the two shoppers struggled

“Officers working a private duty assignment there were summoned to that location,” Nielsen said. “They warned the two to stop their activities.  The good Samaritan customer ceased his activities, the other male continued on and attempted to strike the other customer.  An officer intervened with an electronic control device.”

Twenty-six year-old Brian Shellnutt of Milford was charged with third degree assault.

Elsewhere in Milford before dawn this morning, a black Friday shopper was injured in a parking lot, when a man tried to steal her purse.

Another shopper helped recover the purse, but the robber got away.

Police are still looking for the would-be mugger, who was wearing a blue hospital scrub shirt.


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