State labor officials say Connecticut lost 8,600 jobs in August even as the unemployment rate dipped slightly to 9 percent.

Most of the lost jobs were in local government, accounting for 7,200. State labor officials said they are cautiously viewing the statistics gathered by the U.S. Department of Labor and hope revised numbers for this month will give a clearer picture of the number of jobs in Connecticut.

Employment in Connecticut was 1.6 million in August, an increase of 4,400 jobs over the year. The unemployment rate had previously been 9.1 percent.  The decline maybe due to the number of people no longer looking for work.

Labor Statistics Supervisor Salvatore DiPillo says that overall, job creation in Connecticut appears to have lost momentum as it has slowed nationally.

Nationally, the unemployment rate in August was 9.1 percent.

  1. Mad MaxtaxstateCT says:

    That makes sense; jobs are lost but the unemployment rate, as defined by the Government, goes down. Perfectly logical …. not. We need a new definition of ‘unemployment rate’ that reflects reality. Oh, and we also need a new set of politicians who can fix the unemployment problem, realistically defined.

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