More than a week after she was stopped in Hartford and her state car was towed,  State Treasurer Denise Nappier has issued a statement regarding the incident.

Nappier says the facts clearly show that the state vehicle she was driving was properly registered and fully insured,  but that the Department of Motor Vehicles had neverly properly entered the information in the system.

She says inferences since the incident about her presence in the city neighborhood and why she was stopped are “offensive and insulting,” not only to her personally and her work as treasurer, but to the people who live in that community.

And Nappier denies statements by a police union representative that the three officers on duty at the time the vehicle was towed all offered her home.  She says it was her decision to walk,  but that saying all three made the offer is what she called “a fictious accuoung of my understanding of the options then before me.”

And Nappier says from now on,  she’ll let the facts speak for themselves.


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