A substantial earthquake rumbled through greater Hartford– and much of the Eastern Seaboard– this afternoon just before 2pm. The quake rattled buildings for over 5 seconds before subsiding.  The same earthquake was experienced in and around New York at the same time, with early reports saying the rumbling lasted for close to a full minute.

Here on the East Coast, The Pentagon was also evacuated, as the magnitude 5.8 quake– centered just northwest of Richmond, VA– spread tremors up and down the Eastern Seaboard.  JFK has also been temporarily closed as a result of the tremors in the New York area.

This all comes in the wake of a magnitude 5.3 quake in Colorado at 11:46pm MDT, the largest quake to strike that region in over 40 years.

Comments (10)
  1. Sandy says:

    We felt it in Wethersfield at the Coldwell Banker office on the Silas Deane Highway.

  2. Della LaMere says:

    I live in Torrington ,Ct. My chair that I was sitting in shake and moved a little with the house. I was sitting in my recliner.

  3. Libdumb says:

    Oh no, another streak of bad luck for the OBama economy.

    1. Teabagged says:

      You are an idiot

      1. Libdumb says:

        You are either a municipal worker or union worker. Your intelligence is obvious hence by user name.

  4. Teabagged says:

    Wrong on both guesses. Your lack of intelligence is obvious based on your user name. Care to fail again?

  5. Libdumb says:

    Unemployed, retired and definitely a High School dropout.

    1. Teabagged says:

      3 fails and you are out. Sorry troll, you are probably better off picking on your neighbors in your trailerhood.

  6. Libdumb says:

    Definitely on the public welfare roles as are most Libs/Dems. Spoken as our ignorant VP. Keep those CT taxes exponentially increased. No other way dopes like you can survive. Did you ever say an intelligent thing in your life. You should volunteer for a brain transplant. Useless people like you are needed to replace Lab Rats.

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