The Connecticut Department of Agriculture and State Police are investigating the discovery of beheaded and mutilated animals at a Windham cemetery.

The chickens, doves, and a goat were found at the Windham Center Cemetery along Route 203, said authorities. Some of the animals were in garbage bags, said an agriculture official.

It was not clear if the animals died at the cemetery or elsewhere. Officials could not say how long the animals had been at the cemetery.

Comments (4)
  1. newenglandsnob says:

    and as usual, a slap on the wrist and small fine will be given to these walking horror stories, who just may graduate to people someday, btw. Those who are cruel to animals ought to suffer the same fate as if it were a child…..trusting, innocent, feeling, thinking souls. Makes me want to puke on the perps decapitated bodies. Can you tell I’m sick and tired of animal abusers ??!!!

    1. Gael Marconi says:

      I’m with you 110% newenglandsnob….I do dog rescues and this kind of sh** makes you dislike people in general

  2. Luke says:

    Was there rape?

  3. Gael Marconi says:

    Luke, are you some kind of jacka**? Why would you even ask that? The article simply states these animals were found (headless) at the cemetary..are you some kind of creep?

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