NORWALK, Conn. (AP) _ The attorney for a homeless Connecticut woman charged with illegally enrolling her child in the wrong school district says she was not strip-searched during her arrest, contrary to earlier claims.

Darnell Crosland says he visited Norwalk police Thursday to view a video of Tanya McDowell’s arrest on April 14.

He says the footage revealed no cavity search, contrary to allegations this week by the president of the Connecticut NAACP, which appointed Crosland on McDowell’s behalf. Norwalk Police Chief Harry Rilling called the meeting cordial, saying he wanted to dispel misinformation about his officers’ actions.

McDowell, formerly of Bridgeport, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree larceny.

Prosecutors allege she stole $15,686 of educational services from Norwalk by claiming her baby sitter was her son’s guardian, enrolling him using the woman’s address.

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Comments (4)
  1. HooDatIS? says:

    why are they picking this woman to make an example of?
    I dont get it
    remove the kid from the school
    stealing educational services?
    where is the justice, I thank her going to great lengths to provide for her family, are they jealous that a homeless woman still has high hopes for her children and would go through many channels to get it?
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  2. truthteller says:

    This young mother is the symbol of everything that is wrong with our education system. To prosecute her is beyond belief. The people that are responsible for this fiasco should all be fired!

  3. Gettomom says:

    The mom is a typical ghetto mom thinking the system owes her something and when they cant get it they cry rape or racism

  4. whatheheck says:

    So, truthteller, the Mother was not at fault here by illegally and intentionally using her babysitter’s address in order to send her kid to a school that otherwise she apparently could not afford. So the people that do what is required to gain that education by not cheating and lying are responsible? Is the school at fault here? We should prosecute those responsible and take responsibility for our actions instead of making false accusations.

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