Colchester Town Hall was evacuated Monday morning as a precaution, after a small amount of mercury was released from a broken thermostat in the town clerk’s office, said officials. Authorities say one town employee was exposed, examined, and released at the scene.

The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection responded to clean up the area. By 11 a.m., officials say the building was re-opened with the exception of the tax collector, assessor, and town clerk offices. Those offices will remain closed until further notice.

“I want to thank the Colchester-Hayward Fire Department and the Department of Environmental Protection for the quick response,” said First Selectman Gregg Schuster. “I’m happy no one was injured and that operations will be back to normal shortly.”

  1. John Prusak says:

    Elevating this to a “news” story, just adds to the silliness of it all. Oh the horror! Have we reached the end of it?

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