The Council on Environmental Quality says its annual report on Connecticut’s ecology shows a lack of progress.

The report was released today. Here is the actual report.   Here is the press release.

Director Karl Wagener said indicators for air quality, water quality, and land conservation efforts were mostly the same as the year before.

“Connecticut’s environment changed very little in 2010,” Wagener said.  “That tells us that 2010 can actually be a window into our future, unless certain things are done to move the state along towards its environmental goals.”

Wagener said the poor economy has halted efforts to buy land or easements to preserve undeveloped land.  He says the recession has also slowed efforts to upgrade sewage treatment plants, in hopes of improving Long Island Sound’s water quality.

Wagener said the state’s drinking water quality remains good, and the populations of certain key species of wildlife have remained steady.
But not all of the numbers were positive.

“You look at air quality, and even though on most days the air improved, we had more bad air days in 2010 than we have had in several years,” Wagener said.

According to the report, people used more electricity in their homes in 2010, but businesses used less.


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