State prosecutors say a former Hartford police officer has been arrested, charged with collecting pay from the city while working private-duty jobs for which the private employer paid.

39-year-old Hector Robles,  who also is a State Representative from the Sixth State House District,  is charged with two counts of first degree larceny,

Investigators say they found that between September, 2008, and September, 2009,  he defrauded the Hartford Police Department of $10,651.81.  He was fired shortly before being re-elected to the General Assembly last fall.

Comments (3)
  1. Jim says:

    No reason for the legislature to act. As a theft he fits in with all the rest of our elected officials and much of state labor leaders.

  2. Harry P. Ness says:

    Typical democrat…Typical former municipal employee. Lets’ see, suspend him with pay & let him keep both of his pensions and lifetime benefits.
    Oh yeah make him do COMMUNITY SERVICE!

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