The latest photograph of Joshua Komisarjevsky released by the Department of Correction shows a different look for the defendant set to go on trial next month in the Cheshire home invasion murders.

The photograph media outlets have been using since shortly after his 2007 arrest has been updated by one in which Komisarjevsky has longer hair, swept back from his face.

Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes were charged with the 2007 murders of Jennifer Hawke Petit and her daughters Hayley and Michaela at their Cheshire home.  Hayes was convicted and sentenced to death in November,

  1. Jehovah says:

    I think a “just” punishment would be to hold a lottery, open to all fathers and husbands – especially ones with chips on their shoulders and a lot of pent up anger and bitterness. Ten “winners” will be brought to the prison where Hayes and Komisarjevsky are kept and escorted to a large empty room. Hayes and Komisarjevsky are then brought in and left to their just punishment. What’s left of them can be ground up to be served as “hamburgers” to other inmates.

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