UConn Men’s Basketball Coach Jim Calhoun will not be with the team for the first three Big East games next season.  It’s part of the punishment ordered by the NCAA’s Division 1 Committee on Infractions, after its investigation of UConn recruiting practices.

In addition to Calhoun’s suspension for the first three games of the 2011-2012 Big East Season, the Infractions Committee ordered three years’ probation and three year’s loss of a basketball scholarship.

In addition,  UConn will have to wait for thirty days after other teams start before making recruiting calls for next year,  and the amount of time coaches can recruit in the field was reduced from 130 days to 90 days.

Former Director of Basketball Operations Beau Archibald,  who resigned after the NCAA’s original letter, was  given a two-year show cause order, through February of 2013.  The committee found he had  provided false and misleading information during the investigation. Assistant Coach Patrick Sellers,  who resigned the same time as Archibald, faces no NCAA penalty.

UConn had already imposed self-probation,  some of which is covered by the NCAA findings.

The committee says UConn took “extraordinary steps”  in its recruiting efforts.  The player in question has been identified as Nate Miles,  who started at the University, but did not play in a single game.  It found a  UConn booster — separately identified as former team manager Josh Nochimson —  was serving as an agent for the player,  and helped pay some of his medical and training expenses.

The committee says the men’s basketball staff was aware of the situation. and found that Calhoun himself overlooked indications Nochimson might be breaking the rules.

Other violations identified by the committee included 32 complimentary game tickets to those with relationships with prospective recruits,   150 impermissible phone calls and 190 impermissible text messages to prospective recruits.

To read the NCAA release,  click here.

Statements from Calhoun, Hathaway and the university all used the word “disappointed.”

Calhoun said he and his lawyer are evaluating his options and will make a decision on which way to proceed.  He said he’s “disappointed with the NCAA’s decision.”

University President Philip Austin said the school will fully comply with the findings and will “work with great resolve to restore the luster to our men’s basketball program.

Hathaway says UConn worked closely with the NCAA from the time it learned of the allegations,  and imposed its own penalties.  He says “We are disappointed that the Committee determined that additional penalties needed to be imposed.”

  1. Angry Husky says:

    Excuse me but we have teachers/doctors in this Country committing blatant FRAUD. We have millions of people entering this Country illegally. We have Politicians lying and committing heinous acts of theft and self-enhancement with our tax dollars and we call out a Coach; School and innocent kids for sending E-Mails, Making Phone Calls, etc. to convince a kid to play a sport at their school The kid never played a game with the school. We have Americans being killed the world over through acts of Terrorism and our leaders say nothing. Give me a break Calhoun is a fantastic person that has helped many kids. What was the Punishment to the Senator that lied that he was a Vietnam Vet?

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