malloywyman0201011212b Governor Bans Tandem Tractor Trailers

Governor Dannel Malloy discusses the state's response to the storm, at the O'Neill state armory in Hartford. Photo by WTIC's Matt Dwyer.

As the second part of a winter storm bore down on Connecticut, Governor Dannel Malloy this afternoon announced a ban on tandem tractor trailers on state highways.

Malloy has previously banned all tractor trailers during the recent series of winter storms, but so far, he is not taking that step with this storm.

“We are working with the trucking industry,” Malloy said.  “We will have a tandem trailer ban from midnight until 4 pm.”

Malloy is expected to hold a 4:30 am conference call Wednesday, with other state officials.

Comments (2)
  1. bridget says:

    why not ban all of them? why just tandems? they all pose a risk and should be banned in weather such as this that we are expecting

  2. Rod says:

    And you’ll be the first to complain when the store is out of something. Maybe they should ban the amatures and let us profesionals drive in peace.

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