tractor trailer1 Truckers Asked to Stay off CT HighwaysAfter a briefing, with Governor Dannel Malloy, the President to the Motor Transport Association of Connecticut urged truckers to quickly move any freight currently in the state and to “stay home tomorrow”.  Michael J. Riley, the head of the state wide trade association for the trucking industry, left the noon briefing early, so that his group could issue immediate alerts to truckers across the country.  “This is a major snow storm and it is important that the Connecticut Department of Transportation and emergency personnel be allowed to do their work”, Riley said.  “While some shipments might be of an essential or emergency nature, most freight can wait for a day”, Riley added.

 According to Riley, some out of state truckers could be stranded in the state during the storm and clean up. “On a good day in the summer, we don’t have enough places for truckers to safely park.  Truckers, who pull off the highway, during this storm, should be allowed to seek refuge in areas normally not available to them.  We are sure that the citizens of the state of Connecticut will be good neighbors and welcoming to our unanticipated visitors” Riley concluded.


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