MONDAY PM- Sitting in the newsroom at WTIC Radio and the buzz about the UConn win over South Florida hasn’t died down. Everyone at the radio station wants to talk about the Huskies victory and their winning a BCS bowl berth.

That’s right, a BCS Bowl Berth. For UConn. The team that used to play at Memorial Stadium and had what ESPN anylist Bob Davie called “the worst facilities I’ve ever seen”. The team that was left for dead at 0-2 in the Big East. That team!

Make no mistake, the win over Skip Holtz Bulls wasn’t a thing of beauty.But, it didn’t have to be. The UConn defense was valiant and Dave Teggart entered the pantheon of Huskies Heroes for his 50 and 52 yard field goals. Teggart is quiet, unassuming and has become one of the more reliable kickers in college football.

So now, UConn will reap the benefits of becoming the first New England college football team to win a BCS berth (you don’t think that stings in Chestnut Hill, do ya?). Let the haters scream about how they don’t deserve it, because that’s just a lot of hot air. If you don’t like the system than do something about it.

There will be plenty of time to discuss Oklahoma,a terrific football team with loads of talent. For now, it’s all about UConn ,seven years into its BigEast history and headed to a BCS Bowl.

As the great Mel Allen would have said “How about that”


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