The four candidates for the Central Connecticut’s first congressional district debated at West Hartford Town Hall.

The debate included Democrat incumbent John Larson, Republican Ann Brickley, Green Party candidate Ken Krayeske, and Socialist Action Party candidate Chris Hutchinson.

Economic and environmental issues were among the topics as the four candidates seeking the First District Congressional seat met in West Hartford Monday night.

Incumbent John Larson says the economic stimulus measure in Congress helped stop the downward economic spiral.  He says two-thirds of the stimulus was in the form of the largest tax cut in history.

Republican challanger Anne Brickley says the measure was a failure.  She says almost two years after the bill,  unemployment is higher than it was at the time.  She says the measure cost too much and accomplished too little.

Brickley also opposed a plan to cap carbon emissions and allow companies to trade carbon credits.  He expressed doubt about global warming.  For his part,  Larson emphasized use of natural gas instead of oil.

Green Party candidate Ken Krayeske and Socialist candidate Chris Hutchinson also took part in the debate.


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