The state says some DNA test kits purchased from a California supplier may have failed to produce a genetic profile for some evidence samples where only a small amount of genetic material was present. 

Governor Jodi Rell says the state is seeking a settlement with Applied Biosystems for the faulty kits.  She says all the information produced with the kits was accurate,  but because the chemicals degraded faster than expected,   there may have been some cases where a profile was not generated,  but might have been,  had the chemical levels been adequate.

The governor says the company claims to have sent an e-mail alert,  but the forensics lab has no record of such a message.

She says state records have identified 638 cases in which about 3,000 separate pieces of evidence may require re-testing.  The state is asking Applied Biosystems to pay the cost of hiring extra temporary staff,  so new tests can be made.

It is not yet clear how many retests will ultimately be required.

The state purchased  75 of the kits,  at a cost of some $300,000.


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