A stray cat   found in the Hartford Pike area of Dayville has tested positive for rabies.The Northeast District Department of Health is warning residents to stay away from all stray animals, as they may carry rabies or other diseases.Department officials say stray animals  should not be touched, held, transported, fed or cared for and should only be handled by  an Animal Control Officer or Wildlife Control Operator

All those known to have had contact with the animal  have been given  information regarding rabies transmission and  preventive treatment.Pet owners are being reminded to keep  their animals, whether indoor or outdoor pets , current on all vaccinations.

  1. Becky says:

    It would be a blessing if and I mean IF animal control had the funds and time to deal with all the stray cats! Oh how nice, do not feed or care for these helpless animals!! Please, if people don’t who will??? Spay and neuter!! That is what this town needs!

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