Top Spots In Connecticut To Watch The Sunset

October 26, 2013 8:00 AM

As the sun sets gently in the west, there are many lovely spots to be in Connecticut to bid adieu to Phoebus Apollo as he drives his fiery chariot over the horizon. What better time to pop a cork (or pull a tab), fire up the grill or start a campfire? How about a picnic in the Litchfield Hills, a night at the beach or a view beside the battlements of a medieval castle? Here are just five places in Connecticut tailor made for those who want to wish the sun god farewell.

A Villa Louisa
60 Villa Louisa Road
Bolton, CT 06043
(860) 646-3161

When they call it the Sunset Room, there had better well be a sunset worth watching from its windows – and at Villa Louisa there is, and it’s spectacular. Of course, to see the view means being a guest at a wedding or some other special family or company event, but at least the Sunset Room is one of the smaller venues in this massive and majestic banquet hall and reception center a little south of Manchester. Sit inside and look out over Birch Mountain, amble around the flagstone walk and patio or head out to the gazebo; anywhere at Villa Louisa is a lovely place to be when the sun sets, especially in the room named for that nightly event.

Ocean Beach Park  
98 Neptune Ave.
New London, CT 06320
(860) 447-3031

Long Island Sound may be where the sun rises on its way to Connecticut, but the beaches and seaport of New London are also great spots to watch it set. Few places around are either more family friendly or more accessible to couples than Ocean Beach Park, with its playgrounds and boardwalk, picnic areas and nature trails and special events. Come Monday for Cruise Night – as in antique and classic cars cruising around – or Tuesday for beach blanket movie nights. It’s where the action is once the sun sets.

Gillette Castle
Gillette Castle State Park
67 River Road
East Haddam, CT 06423
(860) 526-2336

Although this grand faux fortress closes at 5 p.m., the grounds and nearby campsites, picnic areas and trails remain open year round, and are among the most stunning places in the state to be when the sun sets in the west. Built atop the most southerly of the Seven Sisters Hills and completed in 1919, the flagstone 24-room mansion built to resemble a medieval castle is a beautiful and unique place to visit, but the true beauty lies in the view from its mock battlements and surrounding walks. The most famous actor of his time, William Gillette recognized a dramatic setting when he saw one, and the many walking paths, stone arch bridges and wooded trestles, like the castle itself, evoke many a Shakespearean theme – especially as the shadows lengthen.

Sunset Meadow Vineyards
599 Old Middle St., Route 63
Goshen, CT 06756
(860) 201-4654

When the golden sun sets over Mount Tom, what better way to toast it on its journey than with an equally golden-hued wine? Sunset Meadow Vineyards not only makes that wine, but it also looks out upon Mount Tom and Mohawk Mountain. Sunset Meadow Vineyards is open year-round, and in addition to coming into its tasting room invites visitors to bring a picnic and sit on the lawn to watch those stunning sunsets – provided, of course, that the picnickers purchase at least one bottle of Sunset Meadow’s fine yet quite affordable wine.

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155 Alain White Road
Morris, CT 06763
(860) 567-9600

The Litchfield Hills are beautiful, especially in the autumn, and when the sun sets, the fading light catches the leaves just perfectly. Few places in those hills are more elegant or exquisite than Winvian, a luxurious getaway tucked away in the tiny hamlet of Morris in the western side of the state. The view is grand, and the food and accommodations even grander, thanks to Chef Eddy. His talent for taking the best that local farmers have to offer to craft delicious, unique seasonal dishes that are as memorable as the setting and the sunsets from this grand hotel and spa only adds to the experience.

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