Top Picks from Tracy B Eco Boutique

July 7, 2011 4:55 PM

Credit: Tracy B Boutique, via Facebook

Top Picks from Tracy B Eco Boutique in Downtown New Haven
By Molly Dwyer
tracy b1 Top Picks from Tracy B Eco Boutique

Credit: Tracy B Boutique, via Facebook

Tracy B Boutique
1042 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT 06510
(203) 772-2205
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 12pm-5pm

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The streets of New Haven are some of the best in Connecticut to indulge your senses in diverse scenery. The city maintains a special kind of popularity because it knows how to cater to its people. New Haven is constantly dishing out vegan bagel shops, indie music hangouts, cupcake trucks and farmer’s markets because the assorted city dwellers demanded it. So when the Yalies, hipsters and locals screamed, “Tracy B!” Well, there she was.

Five years ago former fashion model, Tracy Bonosconi, opened her boutique doors to the Elm City right on fashionable Chapel Street. Tracy B is a woman’s fashion shop specializing in emerging designers from around the world that are made in an ethically and socially conscious way. The boutique showcases numerous organic clothing and accessories providing a sustainable alternative for New Haven’s eco-friendly shoppers. Unlike your typical hippie designs, Tracy B chooses styles that are classic and timeless with comfortable fabrics, flattering cuts and an array of colors. At a reasonable price, the pieces also offer a well-traveled bohemian edge to ensure a unique statement so you never have to stress about “twin effect” during the summer cocktail parties.

When in need of some retail therapy, make sure to stop in Tracy B and ignite your style with earth friendly fashion! No guilt here.

Shop these summer favorites:

cats grey Top Picks from Tracy B Eco Boutique

Credit: Tracy B Boutique

We Are Owls Cats Scarf – $ 158.00

I’m a summer lover through and through, but my Connecticut roots know how to adapt to unpredictable New England climates. A summer scarf is a girl’s best friend for a chilly night on the town without dealing with too much baggage.

velve4006510328 p3 1 0 347x683 Top Picks from Tracy B Eco Boutique

Credit: Tracy B Boutique

Velvet Beyonce Dress cotton gauze- $98.00

Seriously crushing this dress. It’s the perfect vacation staple. You can wear it out for brunch with the in-laws or cocktails on the beach with your gal pals while remaining fresh and cool in the breezy gauze material. The pink peach is such neutral shade and flattering for all skin tones

july pic1 Top Picks from Tracy B Eco Boutique

Credit: Tracy B Boutique

July Charm Necklace- $75.00

In my opinion, pretty little charms are essential accessories. Ranging in all different colors, charm necklaces provide a polished look to your most routine outfits. I like July for the orange and red beads that trap in summer sun all year long.

bag Top Picks from Tracy B Eco Boutique

Credit: Tracy B Boutique, via Facebook

Mary Sol Handbag- $95.00

I’m a sucker for woven bags. They’re comfortable, portable, washable and fit all the unnecessary stuff I refuse to live without. Mar y Sol makes these amazing handbags with stylish leather straps and fun tassel drawstrings. If you’re headed to any summer festies, I highly recommend this one for its convenience and super cuteness.

shorts Top Picks from Tracy B Eco Boutique

Credit: Tracy B Boutique, via Facebook

I’m one of those girls who hates shorts. I look absolutely awful in them. Mostly because of my hips but largely because of my butt (it’s very large). Only Hearts makes an adorable, dressed up version of shorts that’s really more like a skirt so I feel covered and relaxed. The free flowing fabric, smooth pleats and cinched waist are gorgeous for us hippie chicks. Perfect for pairing with simple tees and tanks.

Molly Bryn is a 23-year-old New England girl. She can frequently be found styling friends, scouting sales or digging for buried treasure. Molly shares secret lessons from elephants – because she finds them graceful and extremely fashionable- on her blog:

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