Tips For Adding Local Flair To Your Home From A Connecticut Designer

February 12, 2013 8:00 AM

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Connecticut has 618 miles of New England coastline that encourages coastal and country cottage-style interior decor. So why not decorate your home to bring in the freshness and laid-back feel of a day at the beach? With help from Karen Telep of Ocean’s Spray, you can easily transform your home into a relaxing oasis. 

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Karen Telep is the interior designer at Ocean’s Spray, a unique affordable shop that complements your home decor. Karen has 20 years of experience in interior decorating, building, fixing and selling of houses along the Connecticut coast. She loves to refinish and restore vintage/antique furniture. At the shop, you will find unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, “hand painted and finished to create a time worn feel that will bring that sweet cottage style of the New England Coast.”


The typical cottage style is a room decorated in white and blue, where the furniture is either white or whitewashed and the accents are blue. Copper and brass are the trending style in home decor and they are perfect for this style. Add a brass clock and a copper picture frame to a side table.


You need to decide how you will live and entertain in the room you are decorating. The three areas to concentrate on are grouped as lighting, walls and floors and furniture. Look through catalogs and magazines and clip photographs of rooms that appeal to you. Create your own storyboard of colors, fabrics and photograph clippings.

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Lighting can be as easy as changing over your switches to dimmers. Dimmers help set and vary the mood in a room.


Walls and ceilings can be decorated with color. A color scheme should be composed of three colors. There is the base color that sets the tone for the room and is usually in the neutral family. A contrast color creates depth in the room and is dark compared to the base. Third is a complementary color used for accent. Think of the ceiling as another wall, and experiment with painting it a different color.


Paint color will set the mood. If you are looking for a calming atmosphere while increasing productivity, then blue should be your color choice. Green is serene, both calming and stress reducing. Red and orange will fire you up. Purple will lend itself to creativity. Yellow is sunshine and smiles. Light browns and greys set a peaceful mood. Darker browns are serious and intense.


Stripes are a runway trend for spring/summer 2013. You will also find stripes popping up in home decor as well. Whether as a fabric or wall paint, interior designers see stripes as bringing movement into a room.


Before you decide to purchase a new room of furniture, see what you already have. A piece from another room might be just what you are shopping for. Furniture refinishing is another option. If your furniture is structurally solid, consider reupholstering the piece. The eclectic look is popular and is a mix of flea market finds, new items and treasured pieces you already own.


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Paula Moliver is a noted designer with a specialty in all things related to fiber. She spins and dyes her own yarn and is skilled in weaving and needle arts. She has been widely published in noted magazines including Arts & Crafts, Better Homes & Gardens and the Decorative Painter. Paula is a regular educator at New Pond Farm. She resides in Connecticut. Her work can be found at

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