Three Ways to Enjoy Winter with your Dog

January 20, 2012 9:00 AM

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By Dani Frank

107696662 Three Ways to Enjoy Winter with your DogChasing snowflakes and pouncing on snowmen, winter is a great opportunity for a dog day with your prized pooch. If you need an excuse to end your hibernation and leave the warm living room, look no further than the ball of fur resting at your feet. A walk in the woods or a trip to the local dog park takes on a new air of excitement when the white stuff is plentiful and a swishing tail can make it disperse. Strap on a leash, outfit your pet in a puppy parka and hit the road, with one of these three ways to explore winter weather.

safety vest Three Ways to Enjoy Winter with your Dog

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Bundle Up

Cassidy’s Pampered Pooches
75 Hamilton Street
New Haven, CT

Before your dog can enjoy the change in season and outdoor adventure awaiting it, be a good pet parent and make sure they are dressed and ready. Cold paws are no fun, and smaller dogs will be much more susceptible to shivering from the drop in temperatures. Head to your local puppy outfitter and pick up booties and a coat to keep your dog toasty. Find cute and functional clothing at New Haven’s Cassidy’s Pampered Pooches. Reflective vests, jackets, camo print included, hooded sweatshirts and more will stave off sickness for your snow-loving dog.

bark park Three Ways to Enjoy Winter with your Dog

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Bark at the Park

Chief Gary K. Tyler Memorial Bark Park
Chief Ryan Way,
South Windsor, CT

Engage in some canine social networking, and take your dog for a romp at the local dog park, or as South Windsor has coined it, the “Bark Park.” Visiting a dog park is, in fact, all fun and games for your pet, but as a responsible pet owner you’ll need to follow some rules and regulations. Be sure to have your dog license as well as proof of your pup’s rabies vaccination on hand while at the park. Unleashing is allowed within the park, but when entering and exiting, be sure to have a handle on your dog’s lead.

108007344 Three Ways to Enjoy Winter with your DogGet out and play

955 Ferry Boulevard
Stratford, CT

Tennis balls and chew toys will make for a soggy mess after a day of play, so grab a Frisbee and you’ll have your pet jumping for joy. Petco has a selection of activities to keep your dog happy and agile, and prevent you from drying a load of wet puppy products. Flying discs, rubber balls and more will amount to hours of throwing and fetching, with your arm tiring before your dog’s enthusiasm. Just remember: the more brightly-colored the toy, the better. Searching the backyard for a white squeaker bone in a mountain of snow will put a damper on your day.

Dani Frank is a fashion, travel and culture enthusiast and writer living in Easton, Connecticut. A recent graduate of Hofstra University, she is most happy when traversing the East Coast and beyond and documenting it all for curious readers. Read her further work at

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