Best Miniature Golf Courses

May 21, 2011 4:00 AM

In the summertime, whether on a date, out with the family, out with friends or just looking for some way to get outside, what better activity than the golf course … the mini golf course that is. But where to play? Here are some of Connecticut’s best … windmill included!

riverfront small2 Best Miniature Golf Courses

Riverfront Miniature Golf

218 River Rd.
Unionville, CT 06085
(860) 675-4653
When it comes to atmosphere, this course ranks right at the top. Located on the bank of the Farmington River, this course lends itself nicely to the enjoyment of the activity, but the landscape surrounding it puts it over the edge. As a course, it does provide some difficulty that is fun. It uses both obstacles and a nice use of water to take easier holes and add a little challenge. But don’t worry, there are plenty of holes where you can get that always searched for hole-in-one. You won’t be disappointed if you head to this course as you’ll golf with the running of the river right over your shoulder. And afterwards, stop in and grab a cool, refreshing snack – ice cream on site!

hidden valley3 Best Miniature Golf Courses

Hidden Valley

2060 West St.
Southington, CT 06489
(860) 621-1630
Located right near the Worldwide Leader (ESPN), this course sits right on the border of both Southington and Bristol and brings a rustic feel to a newer course. Some nice features include a good amount of water, not natural, along with some obstacles, a nice putting green to warm-up on. Also, some of the holes take a nice shape like a shamrock and an arrow. And to make things easier, it’s minutes from the high, making it easier to get to and get playing.

blue fox walk 2010 2 Best Miniature Golf Courses

Blue Fox Walk

1603 Hopmeadow St.
Simsbury, CT 06070
(860) 651-9055
This course is less about obstacles and more about making each hole feel like you’re on a real 18-hole course, with difficulty based on the setup of the holes and not about getting below, above or around something. The course has some rough, some sand traps and even a water hazard or two. Overall, it’s not impossible – outside of a scary hole No. 5. It’s also impeccably groomed and just got re-carpeted so it’s fancy. And maybe most importantly, ice cream on site with two dozen or so soft-served flavors.

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