Best Chocolate In Connecticut

February 7, 2013 5:00 AM

(Photo credit: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Looking for some amazing chocolate made right here in Connecticut?  You don’t have to look far.  When that chocolate craving hits try one of these and you’ll understand why some say “Chocolate is Heaven”.

Munson’s Chocolates

11 Locations in Connecticut

The Munson family has been making chocolates in Connecticut since 1946.  If you are a chocolate lover then stepping into a Munson’s store is a must, though we warn you it might be a bit overwhleming.  Everything is wonderful but some of the standouts include their fudge, cordial cherries, pecan caramels and dark chocolate.  If you are looking for a high cocoa content candy then try their 72% bitter sweet chocolate.  Looking for a gift, pick up a box of assorted chocolates or other fun chocolate treats always wrapped for the season.  If you can’t make it to a store you can order online.

Bridgewater Chocolate

559 Federal Road
Brookfield, CT
(203) 775-2286

12 LaSalle Road
West Hartford, CT

It’s easy to miss Bridgewater Chocolate but once you find it you’ll know why it is a favorite.  Specializing in specialty chocolates wtih a European flair Bridgewater Chocolate is truly unique.  Some favorites include their dark chocolate bark (also yummy in milk and white chocolate), toffee and dark chocolate dipped marshmallows.  One of their most popular items is their turles, these things are huge!  As usual, you can’t go wrong with a box of assorted chocolates.  If there is a chocolate lover in your life a gift from Bridgewater Chocolate is sure to please.  You can find a list of local retailers that sell Bridgewater Chocolate on their website or order online.

Chocopologie Cafe

by Knipshildt Chocolatier
12 South Main Street
South Norwalk, CT
(203) 854-4754

A true treasure awaits the chocolate lover in South Norwalk.  Come in for more than just chocolate (they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner) but definately try the chocolate while you are there.  Enjoy a treat while you watch the chocolates being crafted.  It’s a true behind the scenes look at the process of making chocolates.  You’ll have a difficult time deciding so we suggest the coffee with chocolate and lavender foam, mexican hot chocolate and the truffles.
Hours are:  Wednesday 11am – 9pm; Thursday 11am – 10pm; Friday & Saturday 11am – midnight;  Sunday 10:30am – 5pm.

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