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Tale of the tape

  1. Super Bowl XLVI Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints
  2. Carolina Panthers v New York Jets Philadelphia Eagles v Buffalo Bills
    Week 1: New York Jets Vs. Buffalo Bills

    Find out who wins the key matchups between the Jets and Bills in Week 1.

  3. Super Bowl XLVI Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
    Week 1: New York Giants Vs. Dallas Cowboys

    Find out who wins the key matchups between the Giants and Cowboys in Week 1.

  4. New England Patriots v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tennessee Titans v Seattle Seahawks
    Week 1: New England Patriots At Tennessee Titans

    Find out who wins the key matchups between the Patriots and Titans in Week 1.

  5. Freshly cropped apples lay in a box on J A Libyan customer holds a plastic bag as
    Apples To Oranges: How They Really Stack Up

    It’s one of the oldest sayings in the book– when two things just can’t be compared, we’ve all heard the excuse “It’s like apples and oranges.” We decided to settle the age-old adage once and for all by pitting the two fruits against one another to see if it really is impossible to compare the two, and here’s what we came up with.

  6. theoffice Ed-Weeks-Mindy-Kaling-and-Chris-Messina-of-The-Mindy-Project
    Did Mindy Kaling Make The Right Choice?

    Mindy Kaling is the funny lady who has played Kelly Kapoor on The Office for the past eight seasons, but now she’s moving past Dunder Mifflin for a whole new series on Fox. The Mindy Project will showcase Kaling’s skills in front of the camera and behind the scenes… but will the new show be worth losing the best gossip girl in Scranton?