Marine Convicted In Haditha Killings Returns Home A Marine who was convicted in the 2005 killings of unarmed Iraqi has returned home to Connecticut for a golf tournament organized by local veterans for his benefit.
Marines Discharge WuterichThe Marine Corps has discharged the lone Marine convicted in the 2005 killings of unarmed Iraqi civilians in the town of Haditha, a spokesman said Tuesday.
Hackers Claim Attack On Website Of Lawyer For Meriden MarineThe lawyer who represented Meriden marine Frank Wuterich in his trial on an attack on civilians in Haditha, Iraq, is among the targets of the latest internet assault.
Iraq Will Take Legal Action In Haditha Killings After Meriden Marine's TrialA government spokesman says Iraq will take legal action to ensure justice for the families of 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians killed in a U.S. raid in Haditha seven years ago, a reflection of anger after Meriden Marine Frank Wuterich escaped jail time at his trial.
No Jail Time For WuterichMeriden Marine Frank Wuterich will spend no time in the military brig in his plea deal in his military trial in the death of civilians in Haditha, Iraq, and his pay will not be docked, but the military judge recommended he be reduced in rank to private.
Wuterich In Plea Deal At War Crimes TrialA Meriden Marine faces a maximum of three months confinement, two-thirds forfeiture of pay and a rank demotion to private when he's sentenced, after pleading guiilty to dereliction of duty in the death of civilians in the Iraqi town of Haditha in 2005.
CBS Interview Figures In War Crimes Trial Of Meriden MarineThe prosecution showed outtakes of a 2007 CBS "60 Minutes" interview at the Camp Pendleton trial of Meriden Marine Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich Friday,
Wuterich Squad Mate Says He Should Have Called An Air StrikeA squad mate of a Meriden Marine Frank Wuterich, on trial for killing unarmed women and children in Iraq, testified that if he had to do it again, he would have called in an air strike to level a house where the group gunned down six people. .
Marine Testifies Wuterich Called For Violent Retaliation In HadithaA Camp Pendleton Marine testified Wednesday that his commanding officer called for violent retaliation before his squad killed 24 Iraqis, including women and children, in 2005.
Former Wuterich Squad Mate Says He Felt In Danger In HadithaA former squad mate testified at the trial of Meriden Marine Frank Wutercich that he felt the squad did nothing wrong in the Iraqi town of Haditha in 2005, when Marines killed 24 Iraqis, including unarmed women and children.
Arguments Over Military Discipline In Meriden Marine's TrialProsecutors at Camp Pendleton in their opening statement Monday implicated Marine Sergeant Frank Wuterich of Meriden in civilian deaths in Haditha in 2005, painting a picture of a young Marine with no prior combat experience losing control after seeing his friend's body blown apart.
Meriden Marine's Trial Starts This WeekA Connecticut Marine who's the last defendant in the biggest criminal case against U.S. troops in the Iraq War is headed to trial this week.

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