Merrill: White House Statement On Election Fraud Investigation 'Ominous'Secretary of the State Denise Merrill called the White House's statement that the Department of Homeland Security will continue investigating election fraud "ominous."
Rep. Larson On Supreme Court Decision
Rep. Esty On Supreme Court Voting Rights Decision
Attorney General Holder's Remarks on the Supreme Court Decision
Rep. DeLauro Reacts To Supreme Court Decisioin
Statement By The President On The Supreme Court Decision
Sen. Murphy Reaction To Supreme Court Decision
Senator Blumenthal Reaction To Supreme Court Decision
Secretary Of The State Merrill Reaction To Court Decision
Congressman Himes Reaction To Court Decision
Opinion: Republicans Finally Admitting To Voter Suppression EffortsIt is not news when Republicans try to block access to the ballot box for poor, minority and elderly voters. What is unusual is that Republicans are admitting it.
Opinion: Voter ID: A Good IdeaIt has been argued that “granny” might not be able to vote if they make her have a voter ID. But seriously, why all the concern about taking the extra measure of a voter ID to make sure that every vote cast in a United States election is a legally qualified vote, including “granny’s”?

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