Study: Cyberbullying Less Harmful Than In-Person HarassmentCyberbullying and online-only harassment are no more emotionally harmful to children than in-person bullying, with digital bullying lasting less time and not involving one’s peers.
Pressure's On To Enroll In College's 'Deflategate' Sports Law CourseThe NFL scandal known as "Deflategate" will be the subject of an undergraduate course at the University of New Hampshire.
NH Woman: Murder Victim Was Sex Offering To BoyfriendKathryn McDonough testified she lured 19-year-old Elizabeth "Lizzi" Marriott to the home she shared with defendant Seth Mazzaglia, where prosecutors say Marriott was raped and murdered.
500 Students Attend University Of New Hampshire Forum About OrgasmsA University of New Hampshire forum about orgasms has drawn a lot of criticism — and about 500 students.
University Of New Hampshire Printing Dietary Guidelines Directly On Plates Used In Campus Dining HallsThey may not be binging on broccoli, but some University of New Hampshire students are at least pausing before they fill up on fried food, thanks to dishware designed to remind them about healthy options.
Study: Sibling Rivalries Could Indicate Poor Mental HealthResearchers at the University of New Hampshire have found that fighting between siblings - often thought to be a natural part of the growing-up process - may actually indicate poor mental health and mental health distress.
Vermont Artist: I'll Fight Chick-fil-A For My Kale A folk artist expanding his home business built around the words "eat more kale" says he's ready to fight root-to-feather to protect his phrase from what he sees as an assault by Chick-fil-A, which holds the trademark to the phrase "eat mor chikin."

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