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State employees' union spokesperson Matt O'Connor speaks outside the state Capitol.  Photo by WTIC's Matt Dwyer.

Unions: Talks Continue Despite Layoff Notices

State employee union leaders say they still plan to keep talking with Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s negotiators even though the first of 4,742 layoff notices are being issued.


State budget

Governor ‘Hopeful’ Of Labor Deal

Gov. Dannel Malloy says he’s still hopeful a labor savings deal can be reached with the state employee unions, even though time is quickly running out for an agreement.


Governor Dan Malloy signs the state budget in 2011. (Matt Dwyer/WTIC Photo)

Unions: State Layoff Notices As Soon As Tuesday

The coalition of 15 state employee unions says it has been informed by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration that layoffs will not be issued until at least Tuesday morning.


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House Debates State Budget

Members of the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives have begun discussing a two-year, $40.1 billion budget deal reached between Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Democratic legislative leaders.


State budget

Senate Approves State Budget

The state Senate bucked a national trend of forgoing tax increases early Tuesday and instead passed a two-year, $40.1 billion budget that attempts to tackle the state’s deficit with a combination of cuts, labor savings and wide-ranging tax hikes.


williams donald state senate 2007

Senate Prez Williams: Budget Vote Mon. or Tues.

Senate President Don Williams says he is optimistic that both the House and Senate will vote on a budget early next week, possibly Monday or Tuesday.


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Democratic State Budget Passes Committees

The two Democratic-controlled budget committees have approved an approximate two-year, $40 billion budget compromise they reached with their party’s governor.



Panel Votes To Raise Taxes By $1.5 Billion

The Democratic-controlled tax-writing committee has approved about $1.5 billion in tax increases for next fiscal year.



Tax Panel Defeats GOP No-tax-increase Budget

The Democratic-controlled tax-writing committee has defeated the minority Republicans’ proposal to balance Connecticut’s budget without raising taxes.


(Jessica Hill/AP Photo)

Malloy Road Show Continues In Meriden

Governor Malloy continued his town-hall tour of Connecticut as he continues to pitch his budget and tax plan.





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