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Lisa Prout (left), being investigated for emergency food aid fraud, was on WTIC's State and Church Thursday. Here she is with John Rowland. (Photo courtesy Dana Whalen/WTIC)

State Worker Says She Answered Truthfully On Aid Application

The first state worker to undergo a pre-termination hearing over her application for federal food assistance after Tropical Storm Irene appeared with her attorney on WTIC’s “State and Church” program Thursday.


Rep. John Larson (J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo)

Congressman Larson On Debt Ceiling Talks

First District Congressman John Larson tells WTIC’s “State and Church” program it’s been frustrating for him, and says he’s sure it’s frustrating for the American people, to see the stalemate in Washington over the debt ceiling.


(Map courtesy Department of Transportation)

Rest Areas Will Remain Open

Seven public rest stops on Connecticut highways that had been scheduled for closing in the next two fiscal years will remain open, after all. Co-chair of the Transportation Committee, Representative Tony Guerrera says he worked […]


S&C with Julia Seymour 12/14

S&C chat with Julia Seymour, analyst for Media Research Center Network’s Business Media Institute to discuss the Top 10 Economic Myths of 2010.


S&C with Roger Pilon 11/30

S&C discuss the legal matters of the Wiki-leaks dump with Roger Pilon, Vice-President of Legal Affairs for


S&C with Christine Stuart 11/29

S&C talk with Christine Stuart of


S&C with Andrew Rotherham 11/15

S&C talk with Andrew Rotherham of Bellwether Education.


S&C with John Woodcock 11/18

S&C chat with John Woodcock of the CT Citizens for Ballot Institute.


S&C with Robert Poole 11/18

S&C talk with Robert Poole, Director of Transportation Policy for the Reason Foundation about the changes in TSA policy.


S&C with Chris Powell 11/18

S&C talk with the Journal Inquirer’s Chris Powell.