Sports Commentary

Sports Commentary 3/29/11

It took some schedule searching and recording but I finally got a look at Matt Remillard’s loss to Mikey Garcia Saturday night in Atlantic City.

CBS Hartford–03/29/2011

Sports Commentary 3/8/11

A look at the numbers for teams to get off the bubble. I’m on an island all by myself. I seem to be the only one not convinced by the Big East coaches’ annual number […]

CBS Hartford–03/08/2011

Sports Commentary 3/2/11

Scott takes a look at the Met’s financial issues. How many red flags must go up over Citi Field before Major League Baseball realizes the New York Mets are a red herring,

CBS Hartford–03/02/2011

Sports Commentary 12/20/10

“It’s hard being a living extension of tradition.”

WTIC NewsTalk 1080–12/20/2010

Sports Commentary 12/13/10

Universtity of Connecticut Athletic Director Jeff Hathaway can heave a sigh of relief this morning,


Sports Commentary 11/12/10

A passing of a dear friend.. About thirty five years ago a young sportscaster of little to no renown working at a one thousand watt radio station in Manchester that existed deep in the shadows […]