Roger Clemens

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4 Headed Into Red Sox Hall of Fame

BOSTON (AP) _ Pitchers Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez and shortstop Nomar Garciaparra are the 2014 picks for the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame. Clemens, a three-time Cy Young award winner with the Red […]


SUGAR LAND, TX - SEPTEMBER 07: Roger Clemens #21 of the Sugar Land Skeeters talks with son Koby Clemens #22 as they walk off the field after retiring the side against the Long Island Ducks on September 7, 2012 in Sugar Land, Texas. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Clemens Pitches To Son In Second Start

Roger Clemens’ second start for the Sugar Land Skeeters had a special twist to it when the 50-year-old right-hander pitched to his son who was squatting behind the plate.


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Clemens Returning To Mound, Will Face Bridgeport

Rogers Clemens has signed with the Sugar Land Skeeters of the independent Atlantic League and is expected to
start for them on Saturday at home against Bridgeport.


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Jurors Resume Deliberations in Clemens’ Trial

In their final attempt to convince jurors that Roger Clemens lied to Congress, prosecutors basically called his wife a liar, too. In his closing, Clemens’ lawyer Rusty Hardin characterized the case as “a horrible, horrible overreach by the government and everyone involved” and hammered away at the government’s evidence.
Jurors, who met for only 15 minutes Tuesday, resumed deliberations Wednesday afternoon as they work through a complex verdict sheet.


File: Debbie Clemens (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Sport)

Debbie Clemens Testifies At Husband’s Trial About Her Experience With HGH

Debbie Clemens testified Friday that her husband was not present when she received a shot of human growth hormone from Roger Clemens’ strength coach– testimony that contradicts the star pitcher’s chief accuser in the perjury trial.


File:  Roger and Debbie Clemens (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Clemens Wife Takes Stand At Perjury Trial

Debbie Clemens has taken the stand at the perjury trial of her husband, Roger Clemens.


Brian McNamee (Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images)

McNamee’s Wife: I Didn’t Nag Husband Over Clemens

Wearing a blue floral print dress, Eileen McNamee presented herself as a soft-spoken first-grade schoolteacher who never nagged her now-estranged husband about Roger Clemens. She went on to contradict the government’s key witness many times — and even came up with a different brand of
beer to associate with the crucial evidence in the perjury trial of the former pitcher.


Roger Clemens (Saul Loeb/Getty Images)

Clemens Gets Boost From Scientist’s Testimony

Roger Clemens’ defense may have regained the momentum in his perjury trial when a scientist testified that the government’s physical evidence against the former pitcher could have been contaminated.


Roger Clemens (Saul Loeb/Getty Images)

Ex-dealer Defends Inconsistencies At Clemens Trial

Trying to explain why his book suggested one thing and his testimony said something else, convicted drug dealer Kirk Radomski held up a copy of his 246-page tome called “Bases Loaded” while on the witness stand and gave as good as he got from one of Roger Clemens’ lawyers.


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Government Can’t Use ’60 Minutes’ Clip Against Clemens

A short clip from Mike Wallace’s “60 Minutes” interview with Roger Clemens in 2008 provided just enough ambiguity for the judge to rule it out, hurting the government’s hopes of proving one piece of its case against the 11-time All-Star pitcher.