Tom Leahy, who portrays Seaman Wood aboard the Mayflower II, looks out across Plymouth Harbor November 25, 2003 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The Mayflower II is a replica of the ship that carried the pilgrims to Plymouth in 1620.  (Photo by Michael Springer/Getty Images)

Replica Of Mayflower To Be Restored In Mystic

The 57-year-old Mayflower II, which is owned by Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, Massachusetts, is set to depart for Mystic in the next few days. The ship is expected to return to Plymouth in May for the summer tourist season.


Simsbury (Jeff Hugabonne/WTIC Photo)

CL&P Projects “Substantial” Power Restoration By Monday Or Tuesday

Connecticut Light and Power is projecting “substantial completion” of power restoration
by Monday or Tuesday of next week,



Proposal Calls For Utility Restoration Standards After Storms

Members of the General Assembly are due to discuss proposed minimum standards for utility restoration after emergencies.