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Ray Dunaway

Greenland:  A Laboratory For The Symptoms Of Global Warming

New Standards

I doubt if you heard this from Brian Williams on the Nightly News, but it seems the polar ice cap has expanded in both coverage and thickness in the past two years.


German Construction Sector Expands

When You’re A Hammer, Everything Else Is A Nail

There’s an old saying; When you’re a hammer, everything else is a nail (or something like that). The origins of the idea are somewhat uncertain, but a quick web search credits Abraham Maslow, who came up with the concept in the 60’s.


Connecticut State Seal

Connecticut: Not As Screwed Up As Rhode Island

There can be no better way to head into the final holiday weekend of what has been a perfect summer than to catch a gubernatorial debate. Not really.


Photo: Trae Patton/CBS

In Other Words: Shut Up!

There are any number of words and phrases that have worn out their welcome. “Amazing!” comes immediately to mind. Conversely, there are other phrases that need to be returned to use. Most notably: Shut Up! […]


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Welcome To Neurotic Nation

My mom turns 91 at the end of the month and had she been born much later, she would have a criminal record.


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“It’s Sick Out There and Getting Sicker”

As New York talk show legend Bob Grant used to say, “It’s sick out there and getting sicker”. Granted- he was taking a rather bleak view of things- exaggerating a bit. Or not…. James Dellingpole […]


(Courtesy WhiteHouse.gov)

Petition Aims To Stop Medicare’s Use Of Social Security Numbers

Find out how to be part of Clark Howard’s petition aimed at reducing the problem of identity theft.


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A Unique Selling Proposition

In an effort to reduce carbon emissions, Kellogg’s has mandated that its’ various suppliers report, and make efforts to curb deadly carbon dioxide output.


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Sketch Factor App, Racist?

I downloaded Sketch Factor from Apple and checked it out. Using GPS to establish my location, I started checking out the surrounding territory, and found nothing. Avon? Nothing. Hartford? Nothing. Newington? Nope.


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The Insanities Of Modern Life

First, let me offer a public service announcement. Going through the mail over the weekend, I came across as postcard from the DMV, not unlike the ones I receive from companies reminding me to have […]





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