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Some Tuesday Thoughts

Question. Answer. And the latest on the highly-lucrative Clinton “Foundation”. I was wondering what the former NBC “journalist” could possibly have to say, but then I noted that she spoke for a mere 10 minutes […]


A sign near Aetna's offices on Farmington Avenue in Hartford. Photo by WTIC's Matt Dwyer.

They Are Bluffing

Governor Scott, you’re wasting your time. GE, Aetna, and other businesses, large and small are bluffing. How do I know? Martin Looney told me so. So when the special session wraps up next week, I […]


File photo of person online. (credit: JAY DIRECTO/AFP/GettyImages)

The Internet Is A Wonderful Thing

The internet is a wonderful thing, but spending as much time online as I do, there are items that make me wonder if that’s wise. Items such as this one. So here we have a […]


Pope Francis waves at the faithful on St. Peter's square on April 15, 2014 after his weekly general audience at the Vatican. (Photo by Vincenzo Pinto/Getty Images)

The Science Is Settled

Last week, the Pope weighed in on a number of subjects, including the immanent death of Polar Bears, or as it might be stated in Latin, Ursus Maritimus. Actually, the Holy Father said that unless […]


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Compare And Contrast

Compare and contrast First. Second. And finally. See any similarities? Then there’s this from the World Health Organization. No more German Measles, Lyme Disease, or Swine Flu. And while they’re at it, let’s drop the […]


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Do We Need More Walls?

During his campaign announcement yesterday, Donald Trump pledged that, if elected, he would build a wall across the U.S.-Mexico border to cut off the flood of immigrants entering the country illegally. And (somehow) he’d make […]


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

What Other Reason Does One Need

To quote H.L. Mencken yet again: “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public”. A bit too cynical for my tastes, but judging from the roll out of Hillary 3.0 Saturday, I’d […]


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There Are A Lot Of People With “Issues” Out There

A quick surfing expedition on the internet reveals the fact that there are a lot of people with “issues” out there. First to the University of California system, where Chancellor Janet Napolitano, fresh off her […]


Photo Credit: Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

Politics By Twitter

The late, great, Casey Stengall in his first year manager of the Mets once asked of the team, “Can’t anybody here play this game?” When it comes to politics by twitter, maybe not. Yesterday, the […]


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You Voted For It

Apparently in the recently-passed state budget, there is some bad news for the medical community. Not only will Medicaid reimbursements be pared even further (right now those payments are around 50 cents to the dollar), […]