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The Fun Police Are Everywhere.

The fun police are everywhere. And want to control anything and everything you enjoy. And…..they’re wrong more often than not You may remember Morgan Spurlock’s film, Supersize This!,  inspired by a class action lawsuit filed […]


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The Outrage

I can understand the outrage over yesterday’s decision from SCOTUS in the case of Sebelius v Hobby Lobby. But judging from the reaction on line, and on air, it seems members of Our Lady of Perpetual Indignation have no idea what the case was about.


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It Was Designed To Fail

In an opinion piece posted on Bloomberg.com, Lanhee Chen predicts the eventual demise of the still unpopular ACA, asserting the bold initiative contains serious structural flaws which will eventually lead to it’s collapse.


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I Have A Note

Just a couple of short items this morning, most – no- all of which were absent from the morning “news” shows.


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Risky Business

Iraq is going to pieces, Central Americans, women, children and the occasional member of MS-13, are streaming across the border, overwhelming local resources, the holy IRS seems to be having computer troubles, as does HHS, […]


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The Clintons Aren’t “Rich, Rich”

It was Horace Greeley who once wrote, “Go west, Young Man”. This was during the period in which “manifest destiny” was all the rage, and as America worked to realize the goal of stretching across the continent, if one was willing to take the chance, he or she could create a bright future.

Or, maybe not. The Donner Party comes to mind.


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Tuning Out Until Monday

It seems the corporate servers and most of the PC’s in the newsroom crashed, erasing a dynamite blog entry I had finished earlier. In hopes of retrieving the data from the server, I made a call, only to find that the hard drives had been smashed and recycled.


Earth Day Events

That Settles It

Well, that settles it for me. As we discussed yesterday our oceans are in need of saving. As Leonardo DiCaprio observed recently, “Without oceans, we are in serious trouble”. Just ask those with beachfront property what would happen to their property values.



Remain Calm!

Remain calm! All is well!



It’s Crazy Out There And Getting Crazier By The Minute

I think it was Mr. Spock of Star Trek Fame who once said; “In an insane universe, it is the sane man who must appear insane”. And so it is… It’s crazy out there and getting crazier by the minute.