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Is This A Great Country Or What?

Is this a great country or what?  Yesterday morning I joined some friends for a birthday celebration- actually a breakfast brunch. I’m not really a brunch guy, especially since the “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot” fabulists […]

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Final Thoughts for A Friday

A famous man was once quoted as saying: “When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass […]


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Oberlin College…..Maybe Not So Open To “Open Inquiry”

Oberlin College has been known since its founding in 1833 as an institution dedicated to free and open inquiry, a place where those who march to a different drummer could find a home and explore […]


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Hillary: The Ideal President For The “Age of Kardashian”

Many are speculating that HRM Hillary Clinton will somehow fail to become “America’s First Woman President” ™ I have no doubt that those who support her will ignore the failed foreign policy, the limitless foreign […]


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Ok I’m Back At It

Back to it. But since I’ve been slacking off on the blog for the past two weeks, forgive me if I ease into the routine. And, by easing into the process, that means it’s time […]


Summer Arrives In London

A Final Thought Before Vacation

Conversations from a small market newsroom. News Director: “This RFRA story is taking off, as South Bend’s news leader, we need to jump on board.” Ambitious Street reporter: “You’re right! We need to ferret out […]


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Lots of Videos Today

Video-intensive today. We begin with an exclusive interview at Reason.com. Nick Gillespie meets “The One”. Yes, it is an April Fools joke. As is this, in a cosmic sense. Nevada must be sooo proud. And […]


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“In An Insane World, A Sane Man Must Appear Insane”

They’re not insane; You and I are In an oft-repeated quote (the origin is uncertain, but let’s attribute it to Mr. Spock) it’s observed that “in an insane world, a sane man must appear insane”. […]


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When Worlds Collide

When worlds collide. The New York Post reports this morning on a new film by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas featuring an interview with the Assistant Dean of Students at Cornell University.  Joseph Scaffido is […]


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Is Sending Your Daughter To College Child Abuse?

Is sending your son or daughter to college child abuse? Increasingly, the answer might be “Yes”. Allow me to share some links: Let’s begin here. And we continue. Moving on, here’s the latest from the […]