What A Show!No doubt you’re aware of the “sit-in” by House Democrats demanding a vote on several gun control measures. Dramatic indeed. But have you been informed as to what those bills would put into law?
The AR-15Reporters across the nation are checking out the firepower of the dreaded AR-15 used by Omar Mateen in the Orlando shooting... but he was actually using a Sig Sauer MCX. Hey… a journalist has to do what he or she has to do to.
We Are Approaching "Peak Stupid" As A Nation
Random ThoughtsRandom thoughts of the day.
Does Anybody Here Pay Attention To Anything?As the story of the Orlando nightclub shooting develops, I find myself asking a question: “Does anybody here pay attention to anything?”
News You Can UseIt turns out The Donald isn't the only Presidential figure with ties to an online university...
America Doesn't Need A Third Party, It Needs A SecondAnd after yesterday’s primaries, it’ll be Trump v Clinton. Many are somewhat disappointed in the choice that will have to be made in November, and would prefer a third party arise to provide another alternative.
The Mayflower And More
The Stupid Never Sleep
What $60K Will Get You
Modern Problems
So Long Avon

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