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Ray Dunaway


You Can Only Stay Mad For So Long, Right?

Rep. Larson wants to increase Congressional terms to 4 years because of the pressure of fund-raising. He points out that right after the initiation ceremony, new members start raising money for the next cycle, and that detracts them from their true job. Larson may have a point.

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“It’s Time To Put America Back To Work”

With a record number of us out of the workforce, something has to be done. Obama rolled up his sleeves (literally!) and announced another jobs program, which would bring the total number created during his term in office to a baker’s dozen.


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It Might Be Worth It To Get Involved

A lot of us feel and increasing disconnect between the governing class and regular folks like us. What’s the point, after all? But as we learned in civics, that’s a bad thing.



It Shouldn’t Come As A Surprise…

It saddens me to learn that a growing number of students are being deprived of the daily highlight that is school lunch.


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Sad, Really

Those who remain interested in politics are not even considering running for public office. Nope- if they’re going to stay in politics, they’ll be consultants, or lobbyists.


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Profiles In Courage

As you know, I tend to be less than enthusiastic about the state legislature. But at times, there are pleasant surprises, so a “Profiles in Courage” award to House Speaker Brendan Sharkey.


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Driving In This Morning

I heard John Silva report this morning on the investigation scandalizing the UConn campus. It seems the Associate Director of community standards is looking into allegations of hazing committed by members of the Delta Zeta sorority.


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If You Wanna Be Fair….

And so the 2014 NCAA basketball comes to a happy ending, a very happy ending. And with the approach of graduation, a number of UConn athletes will embark on the next stage of their life’s journey. And that’s what I’m writing about today.


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Clearly We Don’t Read

This will be short today. Daddy’s tired. And so is everyone else in the state. And there’s another late one on tap for tonight as the women attempt to secure UCONN’s place as the college Basketball Capitol of the World. Again!


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Make It Stop!!!!

Please, Mommy, Make It Stop!!!!!!! Yesterday morning, author/columnist Thomas Freidman guested on Face The Nation and called for immediate action to address global warming/climate change/climate disruption.  The name is changed according to the situation, but […]