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Oh, The Humanity!

OH, THE HUMANITY!!!!! You might think that being a server at Hooters is a dream-come-true. Well, it’s not. And though the photos that accompany the article show a display of smiling faces, obviously we’re talking […]


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Back-To-School Edition

A special back-to-school edition to begin the week We begin with tales from the world of “higher” education. As you know, mankind has progressed from the binary classification of “men” and “women, or “male” or […]


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Salad….”Earth Friendly”?

Registered dietician, Sue Gebo, who guests occasionally on the show, is the author of “What’s Left To Eat”. The book discussed the ever-changing advice from nutrition gurus, psychics, medical types, and government officials as to […]


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Marie Harf Was Right!

Marie Harf was right! Terrorists just need jobs, that’s all. Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we? Though she was ridiculed for that opinion, it turns out, she may have been right. See? […]


Donald Trump

This Guy Is For Real….For Now.

I’m back! A few interesting items from the world of politics- especially one provide by Elizabeth Esty. Who represents the 5th District. Visiting with her constituents over the weekend she was surprised by the number […]


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For a while several years ago, the question asked was “WWJD”- What Would Jesus drive? It was primarily used against drivers of SUV’s who somehow were seen to be condemned to eternal damnation for their […]


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Did I Miss Labor Day?

Sorry for the hiatus on the blog. But I’ve lost track of time. Last week, I was in a Stop and Shop and saw this displayed near the checkout. Did I miss Labor Day somehow?


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Two Items For This Tuesday

Forget the false claim that 97 percent of scientists agree that climate change (oh wait! This week, it’s global warming) is both real and anthropogenic. No, ex-DEP head and present boss of the EPA, one […]


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Give It Up Grandma

Give it up, Grandma. The most boring and tiresome candidates ever for President has found her winning promise for 2016. Illegal immigration (BTW currently 1 out of 5 El Salvadorans now lives in the U.S.), […]


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It’s Hard To Distinguish Parody From Reality

Earlier this week, I linked to an article in New York Magazine in with the author revealed that in letting his wife have sex with other men affirmed his feminist cred. Here’s a link in […]