Clinton Board Rejects Propane ProposalClinton's Planning and Zoning Commission has rejected plans for a large propane storage and distribution facility in town.
Propane Storage Plan On Shoreline Draws OppositionA proposal to store propane gas in a Connecticut shoreline community is drawing opposition from local residents.
National Guard Finds Propane Tank Floating Down RiverA wayward propane tank first spotted spotted floating down the Connecticut River in Middletown has been found.
Propane Tank Did Not Explode
Propane Leak Sparks Town Hall ExplosionA car that drove into a 1,000-gallon propane tank in the western Connecticut town of Washington Depot caused a leak that sparked an explosion in town hall.
Power Outage Affects Some Propane OrdersA propane industry trade group is moving to make sure customers can find suppliers in the aftermath of the storm.
Propane Leak Evacuates Businesses In CantonA number of businesses along Route 44 in Canton were evacuated Friday night following a propane leak.
Discarded Propane Cannister Causes Explosion at Trash-to-Energy Plant
Firefighters Burn off Rocky Hill Propane Leak
Distributor Says Propane without Safety Scent Could Have Been Shipped to CT

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